Headlines for July 16, 2021

COVID-19 Cases Rise in Nearly Every U.S. State as Delta Variant Becomes Dominant, Surgeon General Calls on Social Media Giants to Stop Spread of Anti-Vaccine Misinformation, Coronavirus Infections Continue Exponential Rise in Southeast Asia and Africa, German Chancellor Confronted over Blocking Patent Waiver for COVID-19 Vaccines, WHO Warns 23 Million Children Missed Vaccinations in 2020 Due to Pandemic, 110 Dead, 1,300 Missing as Once-in-a-Century Flooding Hits Germany and Belgium, Smoke Blankets Much of North America as Western Wildfires Grow in Size, Research Shows Parts of Amazon Rainforest Now Emit More Greenhouse Gas Than They Absorb, U.S. Military Trained Colombian Soldiers Arrested for Assassinating Haitian President, Biden Brands Cuba a “Failed State” Without Acknowledging Role of U.S. Blockade in Crisis, South Africa Sends 25,000 Troops into Street After Days of Protests and Unrest, Dutch Crime Reporter Peter R. de Vries Dies One Week After He Was Shot on the Street, IRS Begins Child Tax Credit Rollout to 60 Million Families, Biden’s ICE Nominee Says He Would Let Local Law Enforcement Continue to Collaborate with Agency, FBI Failed to Intervene in Abuse Claims Against Larry Nassar, Leading to 100+ More Sex Crimes, Capitol Police Arrest Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty and Others as They March to Defend Democracy

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