Headlines for January 27, 2021

Biden Ramps Up Vaccine Rollout as World Tops 100 Million COVID Cases, U.S. Records Deadliest Month, U.K. Tops 100,000 Deaths as European Nations Move Toward Requiring Medical-Grade Masks, COVID Curfew Riots Rock Dutch Cities; Canadian Mogul Fined for Receiving Vaccine Meant for Indigenous Group, 45 Senate Republicans Back Dismissal of Trump Impeachment Trial, Biden Orders DOJ to End Contracts with Private Prisons, HUD to End Discrimination in Housing, Biden Issuing Orders Promoting Environmental Justice, Combating Climate Crisis, U.S. Judge Blocks Biden Deportation Moratorium While Texas Challenge Is Reviewed, U.S. Capitol Security Officials Apologize for “Failings” in Response to Jan. 6 Insurrection, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Supported Violence Against Pelosi and Others in 2018 Facebook Posts, U.N. Secretary-General Says Neo-Nazism Is on the Rise, Spurred by Pandemic, U.S. Agencies Halt and Review Trump’s Designation of Yemen’s Houthi Rebels as Terror Group, Biden Admin to Restore Aid, Diplomatic Relations with Palestinian Officials, Israeli Soldiers Fatally Shoot 17-Year-old Palestinian Near Settlement, Italian PM Conte Resigns as Political Crisis Deepens Amid Coronavirus Wave, 19 Shot and Burned Bodies Found Near U.S.-Mexico Border; Victims Could Be Teenage Asylum Seekers

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