Headlines for January 29, 2021

South African Coronavirus Variant Detected in U.S. for First Time, Novavax Vaccine Cut COVID-19 Cases by 90% in Trial But Lagged Against South African Variant, President Biden Expands Affordable Care Act Enrollment Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, U.S. Economy Shrank by 3.5% in 2020 as Pandemic Took Hold , “Brazen, Entitled, Dangerous”: Capitol Rioter Who Looted House Speaker’s Office Denied Bail, House Speaker Blasts GOP for Assigning Racist Conspiracy Theorist to House Education Committee, House GOP Leader Signals Devotion to Trump as Lawmakers Target Rep. Liz Cheney over Impeachment Vote, Indian Farmworkers Call Off Upcoming March After Violent Clashes with Police, Pakistan Court Rules to Free Men Convicted of Kidnapping and Murdering Journalist Daniel Pearl, Robert Malley, Who Helped Negotiate Iran Nuclear Deal, to Be Named Special Envoy on Iran, Russian Authorities Crack Down on Social Media Ahead of More Protests as Navalny Speaks Out , German Neo-Nazi Who Killed Official Walter Lübcke in 2019 Sentenced to Life in Prison, Dutch Appeals Court Orders Shell to Pay Damages to Nigerian Farmers for Oil Spills, GM to Phase Out Gas Cars, Aims to Go Carbon Neutral by 2040, Lawmakers Demand Probe into Trading App Robinhood After It Blocked Stock Sales That Hurt Hedge Funds, Veteran NYT Reporter Investigated for Racist and Sexist Language, CBS Suspends Two Execs over Charges of Sexist and Racist Behavior, Austin to Turn Hotel into Permanent Shelter for Unhoused People Using Diverted Police Funds, At Least 2 Mexican Nationals Among Six Dead After Nitrogen Leak at Georgia Poultry Plant , Pioneering African American Actor Cicely Tyson, Winner of Two Emmys, Dies at 96

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