Headlines for February 8, 2021

Dems to Introduce $3,000 Benefit for Children as They Push Ahead with $1.9 Trillion Stimulus, Pentagon to Deploy Troops for Vaccination Effort as Fans Defy Warnings Around Super Bowl Parties, South Africa Halts Rollout of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine, Wyoming GOP Censures Rep. Liz Cheney for Backing Trump’s Impeachment, Judge Rules NY Republican Claudia Tenney Won Last Open House Race, Mass Protests Continue in Burma Opposing Military Coup, Removal of Aung San Suu Kyi, Indian Farmworkers Blockade Roads as Mass Protests Show No Sign of Slowing Down, Scores of People Missing and Feared Dead After Himalayan Glacier Collapse, Leftist Economist Andrés Arauz Claims Victory in First Round of Ecuador’s Presidential Election, Protests Break Out in Chile After Police Shoot and Kill Street Performer, Haitian Gov’t Claims It Halted a Coup Amid Dispute over Jovenel Moïse’s Presidency, Ongoing Protests, Biden Says U.S. Will Not Remove Trump-Era Sanctions on Iran, Egypt Frees Al Jazeera Journalist Mahmoud Hussein, Jailed for Four Years Without Trial, Israeli PM Netanyahu Pleads Not Guilty to Corruption Charges Ahead of Fresh Elections, U.S. to Remove Yemen’s Houthis from Terrorism List Amid Warnings of Humanitarian Catastrophe, Biden Ends Trump-Era “Safe Third Country” Agreement on Central American Asylum Seekers, Cameroonian Asylum Seekers in Louisiana Say ICE Threatened Them with COVID-19 Exposure, Black Sheriff’s Deputy in Louisiana Dies by Suicide After Condemning Police Violence and Racism, Amazon Workers in Alabama Begin Historic Vote on Unionization, Teachers in Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco Fight for Coronavirus Safety Measures, Virginia Poised to Become 23rd State to Abolish Death Penalty

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