Biopolitical Prognosis for Homo Sapiens  Multiverse

What good am I Heaven only knows – ‘This Bitter Earth’ Dinah Washington, From the Album ‘Unforgettable’ (1962, Mercury Records) Not on a train! Not in a tree! Not in a car! Sam! Let me be! I would not, could not, in a box. I could not, would not, with a fox. I will not More

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What good am I
Heaven only knows

– ‘This Bitter Earth’ Dinah Washington, From the Album ‘Unforgettable’ (1962, Mercury Records)

Not on a train! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! Sam! Let me be!
I would not, could not, in a box.
I could not, would not, with a fox.
I will not eat them with a mouse
I will not eat them in a house.
I will not eat them here or there.
I will not eat them anywhere.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

– ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ Dr. Seuss

‘Time to look beyond this rundown radioactive cop-ridden planet’

– William S. Burroughs 

Following  small article is  satire based upon the exercise of imagination: it quite literally an attempt to escape the boundaries of the panopticonic box as ‘lockdown ‘ so it ‘goes  contemporaneous whereby psychophysical parallelism  and technological determinism  continue,  alas, to delineate a tragic as deadly constraint of ‘consciousness’; as misrepresented  under a political  pathology as ‘Globalised’  case of planet Earth in the early 21st C. as truly austere – to point of an apotheosis budding Ecocidal?

It  commensurate  a humble recognition of the vastness of potentiality which Homo Sapiens represents as under  aforementioned ponerology arising being manifestly  reduced ontologically to  physical extinction, sense of as Burns proposed colloquial :

Here’s tae us. Wha’s like us ? Damn few and  they’re a’ deid‘.

– ‘Ecocide’ being a phenomenon whereby ‘collateral damage’ figures large such the fog/silver mist as ‘descends’- under ‘War’?

‘White rhino is dead baby, white rhino is dead,’ such the canary in the coal mine, such the mix, such the paraphrase-  and evolutionary trajectory hi jacked instanced?

– Plainly as to orthodoxy  as alienative as marginalising what we got here is a ‘failure to communicate ‘ sense of the pragmatics of psychophysical incarnation of consciousness as epiphenomenological aka ‘biopolitics’ -thank God as Eros embraced sense of Life as multiverse as loving and loved;  above  quote concerning failure being from ‘Cool Hand Luke‘ as a 20th C.  film worthy of contemplation concerning the pragmatics of orthodoxy?

Cutting the heads off parking meters;as municipal property indeed being as per  the unorthodox perspicacity of Bakunin  -as it goes as to the oft obscurity of ontology concerning ‘theft’; ‘the man with no eyes’ being a ripe expression of divide et impera?

The distinction between Eros and Homo Sapiens as of Thanatos context of the battleground as which theater of war  expresses  the difference between appearance and reality is as to a dualism which, as to the metaphysics, Rene Descartes managing to epitomise concerning the potentiality which the psychophysical parallelism ‘incarnation’ represents? Biopolitics proposes it is not the ghost that is the problem, it is the machine as can inhibit the cosciousness at an epiphenomenological level.

What planet these small quarters from as the orthodoxy so it goes as to alienation and marginalization mainstreamed ?

There are few Homo Sapiens  of the 21st C. who would not acknowledge that ‘the going has got weird’?

(Actually these small quarters are but as another ‘tourist’ with resistance to culture shock such the pretension as to the eternal journey of soul as the grain of sand  can be apperceived..)

It timeous such the twist to  introduce by way of satire extrapolated upon as unexpurgated;  and as much to further profession of  weirdness  instanced in this small article-  to wit,  the concept of an ‘Inter Galactic Biopolitical Commission’ as an unacknowledged ‘authority’  expansive, sense of ‘ideological photo taxis’ under Luciferian illumination denied such the realms manifold as surround incarnation, and some of which proving to be stretched such the waves as emanate as sufferance.

‘Do you remember when?’, indeed as Chubby Checker sang?

Apropos of  said twist, less than 500 words in  -and ‘we’ are out there as much as metapolitical-  and about to get more biopolitical such as there  is indeed writing beyond the walls as  the constraint of orthodoxy goes as to denial of  the eclectic potentiality?

How many billionaires can dance upon the head of a needle as the orthodoxy neoliberal goes as to  more pricks than kicks contemporaneous? (Apologies to Beckett)

What on Earth  is an ‘Inter Galactic Commission’ as the satirical grasp of straws goes for  a species manifestly drowning in the shit of Thanatos as entropy represented such the ‘CTD’, such the irony?

‘Homo Sapiens , homo sapiens I knew ye well’ sense of the forge  accepted as the stagger towards doom explicated ‘now’ as apocalyptical in this ‘Age of Endarkenment’?

Does not the concept of being ‘a stranger in a strange land ‘ find resonance, such the alienation, such the marginalization?

Such the rape  polymorphous as  ‘lockdown’ synonymises imprisonment  as the wearing out of the joy of life goes

You see (?) a demand for satire as much as existence preceding essence the gap as not be minded; such the ever shrinking confining walls of the Panopticon growing ever  more  imprisoning under deadly illusion  accepted thru cultural hegemony as polarization goes immoral as to economical and fearful: that the concept ‘I got Rights!’ exists contingent as to forces which would be beyond the comprehension of the psychophysical parallel as Homo Sapiens represents? 

‘Imagination’ as  can synonymise obliquely ‘Hope’  the last thing to go, such the incarnation destroyed, such the realm as once was upon a time?

In this particular  small satire speculation would go  rampant –  there being but extrapolation upon the concept of hierarchy  as much as to the exegesis as concerns the denial of illusion  thru diverse texts– ‘we are somebody! – so it goes as to the transcendence of Corporatism concerning polemic?’


Report No. 1239(b) Concerning the Viability of Homo Sapiens and Organic Life Form Hierarchy 3N in the 21st C.  AD as timeframe adopted apposite..

Satan is excreting ponerology all over Earth Circa; Homo Sapiens as an organic life form as a five fold orificial existential  repository of ‘consciousness’ has  largely become ‘coprophagic’ as kakistocracy snuffs out the Divine light of life. In short the planet Earth as an Ecosystem of  diversedepleted-uranium-effects-linger/ organic psychophisical parallelism is circling the drain (CTD) courtesy of a poisoning at the epiphenomenological  material level;  Homo Sapiens eat of toxic ideological shit  force fed thru orifices to unprecedented levels of concentration of power commensurated and believe it good for them such the abuse of compassion alas as the hi-jack of evolutionary trajectory goes..

The limitations of psychophysical parallelism of the  diverse organic variety bio diverse instanced Earthly in context of Homo Sapiens are much as to the over swamped shores of ethereality become as projected; however regrettable it must be accepted that  ‘Thanatos’ thus instanced has attained, alas, a ‘victory’ concerning the joie de vivre /Eros  inherent to psychophysical parallel undergoing and as concerns an apocalypse on Planet Earth – with attendant degeneration as deadly . Current projections as to Biodiversity  (see Appendix 1) this report illustrate the metastasis of penetration of Thanatos and transhumanism and genetic engineering as must be considered within the paradigm of an evil scheme by the fallen Angel where materialism and the destruction of hope and imagination thru the ponerological bias inherent to technological determinism as includes the technology of the nervous system and ganglia now precipitate death as increasingly premature..

We are dealing now with hitherto unprecedented levels of premature death as emanating from Planet Earth as a hellish renderment of darkness, such the sufferance as per report 123(a) indicates by way of ‘epistemology’ as biopolitical. Subtitle: ‘That they know not is calculated ‘reptilian’ such the neurophysiology.’

From observers at the level of incarnation elected  as to feedback we learn of the deliberative distortion of the psychophysical epiphenomenon which is Humanity as a diverse realization of Eros ; this other than the waves ofThanatos as the degeneration goes as to ‘trans humanism’ increasingly instanced, alas concerning ‘the State of the Planet Earth’ as incarnation under a spectrum nefariously as cynically reduced to but angles of materiality..

Plan (B) now apposite under the minimising of sufferance?

For the very concepts of ‘incarnation and materialism’ is repugnant to the dominance of Eros as  election goes susceptible to polarization as instanced concerning Homo Sapiens,and Planet Earth such the custodianship granted as per abuse facilitated extra dimensional?

The ‘rigged game’ which Homo Sapiens represents, interventions aside, is evidential of  a victory handed upon a plate to the supreme agent of Thanatos; the psychophysics of hierarchical neurophysiological integration as concerns the epiphenomenon of incarnation of consciousness Earthly  being biased as prejudicial facilitating corruptive degeneration – as much as Humanity and the glory of biodiversity is being destroyed sense of a forceful as abusive determinism as follows from inception and negotiation?

The hidden bias towards materialism as enshrined within orificial gratification at the level of instinct as deep brain structure epitomises is as towards the deadly blinkers of Empiricism qua Technological determinism is a masterwork of diabolical (Thanatic) proportionality such the back door of ‘hi-jack’ facilitated built in as expolited/leveraged-  whilst the vast majority of Humanity remains benign albeit as kept in the dark it  also remains the case  such the barrel  spoiled that a deadly Technocracy has arisen as spawned in the host/ecosystem  as much as Thanatos diagnosed  by way of necrotrophy– and prognosis  is commensurate as to the metastasis thereof, alas.

We are of the considered  opinion that the deep state  dominance  of Thanatos over life on Planet Earth is a reiteration of  the neurophysiological limitations of amoral instinct which the deep brain structure as the psychophysical parallelism instanced represents in conjunction with the orifices entailed as temptation goes; this despite the bridge of the corpus callosum  and the presence of the pineal gland – the latter  as a ‘backstop’ having been proven to be a total failure as capable of being rendered ineffectual by chemical intervention concerning the metabolism as underlying. Similarly, the  erotic power of music was rendered largely ineffectual as an expression of the higher neurophysiology by a diabolical intervention at the level material concerning frequency.

The wilful cultivation of economic polarization as expressed  nefarious thru a necrotrophic elite  is a leverage of Thanatos as much as the  Biopolitics prevailing, as the Deep State Political  builds upon the deep state Neurophysiological; to this Biopolitical denouement must be added the  accretion ‘technological determinism’ as enshrines objective materialism as contextual of fruition of amorality as well as the apperception of necessity and no alternative concerning the generation of  imprisoning illusion. We are sensing unprecedented levels of  material wealth polarization and human sufferance alongside an abrogation of the potentiality  for species to enjoy Life on Planet Earth such the balance lost as concerns a necrotrophic penetration of the psyche, anthropocentric we observe the arisal of ‘man gods’ with a contempt for life in which ‘Eugenics’ an apotheosis of Thanatos  is as but the thin end of the wedge concerning necrotrophy awaiting further drive.

This contempt is beyond the level of simple death effected; it has a metadeath aim of debasing organic life thru genetic engineering and the  forceful extension of Hell into Earth as a psychophysical entity such the Paradise Lost as Milton enjoins Descartes as Bradley concerning the potentiality of organic psychophysical paralleled.

‘Planet Earth’ is become as degenerated ponerological a crime scene  as much as of ‘no mans land’ to Eros; as concerns mankind the ghost in the machine is unable to effect conciousness at other than the level of deep brain structure as reptilian and instinctual, and those individual members of homo sapiens whom manage to transcend such reptilian state exist  in perilous and precarious state such the internecine strife as stems ontologically as biopolitically whereby deep state recapitulates deep brain dominance.  Not since the era of the Dinosaur have degenerate immoral reptiles ruled over Earth; the intractable problem being that these reptiles now, courtesy of Empiricism, have powerful technology at their disposal. As stated this includes the darkness of transhumanism, and further debasing of the machinery of the psychophysical parallel thru genetic engineering such the metadeath as an abomination.

Unless there intervention by the agents of Eros at the level of urgency, Life as we know it shall cease to exist on Planet Earth.


The concept of metadeath is unlike megadeath which equates primarily with number of fatalities. Metadeath is an even greater abomination for it precludes reincarnation at the level of destruction of  reproductive capacity of the primarily geneticaly determined machinery of the psychophysical parallel, with obvious biopolitical implications. Fissile technology can, for example, precipitate genetic mutations rendering incarnation  all but impossible. Tragically the species has already deployed in the 21st C.  such technology to demonstrable horror of abomination as in Fallujah. Even greater tragedy is the focus on metadeath which genetic engineering facilitates, particularly as concerns the abominable concept of transhumanism.



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