Headlines for February 15, 2021

Senate Acquits Trump for Inciting Jan. 6 Insurrection Despite Most Bipartisan Vote Ever, Roger Stone Security Guards and Dozens of GOP Officials Were Part of Mob Who Attacked U.S. Capitol, U.S. COVID Cases Decrease, But Experts Warn Variant Spread, Relaxed Measures Could Derail Progress, Most U.S. Adults Should Have Access to Vaccine Starting in April, Be Inoculated by Summer, CDC Issues Safe Reopening Guidelines for Schools, U.K. Gov’t Under Fire for Response to Disabled COVID Patients; New Zealand Locks Down Largest City, Guinea Declares Ebola Epidemic After 3 Deaths, DRC Also Reporting Cases, Burmese Protests Continue as Fears Mount of Military Crackdown, Indian Climate Activist Arrested After Sharing Information on Supporting Farmworkers’ Protest, Blast in Mogadishu Kills 3 as Somali Government Embroiled in Election Crisis, Haitian Protesters Accuse President Jovenel Moïse of Carrying Out a Coup to Remain in Power, Asian Americans Call for Action and More Attention Paid to Surge in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes, Allegiant Air Accused of Racial Profiling After Stranding Black Teens in Arizona, U.N. Human Rights Commission to Hear Report on Racist U.S. Policing, New York Accused of Failing Unhoused People After Subway Stabbing Attacks, White House Aide T.J. Ducklo Resigns After Threatening Reporter, James Ridgeway, Investigative Journalist Who Fought Prisoner Abuse, Dies at 84

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