Illusion Geopolitical Unmasked– The Metastasis Global of ‘New Normal’

A society living by and for continuous warfare in which the ruling caste have ceased to have any real function but succeed in clinging to power through force…

A society living by and for continuous warfare in which the ruling caste have ceased to have any real function but succeed in clinging to power through force and fraud.

– George Orwell at his most perspicacious(?) concerning ‘Totalitarianism’

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity

-W.B. Yeats

Whilst it a growing suspicion that the two party system so prevalent throughout ‘Oceania’ is a mere illusion sense of a dominant transnational Corporatism concerning the misnomer/oxymoron of ‘Capitalist Democracy’ e.g. ‘Republican ‘and ‘Democrat ‘in the USA, ‘New Labour ‘and ‘Conservative’ in the UK , the CDU and the SPD in Germany, REM and LR in France – it remains the case circa early 21st C that ‘Geopolitics’ is yet beyond such cynicism concerning ‘no real difference’/same bullshit different name’ ?

That we are encouraged to believe in and not to question axioms as concerns different power structures prevailing at a Geopolitical level being to some rough approximation of that which Orwell delineated as ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania‘ has a political utility?

What if such hegemony of Geopolitics expresses a unipolarity become; if it no more than mere illusion sense of belief controlled purposive, that the concept of ‘Deep State’ has attained a unipolar status of megalomaniacal proportionality pragmatic; that geopolitical differentiation now represents but wings ‘beating propagandic’ under the pump of a singular dark heart of corporatist necrotrophy/oligarchic collective undergoing a metastasis – from ‘bipartisan’ at a national level to ‘tripartisan’ at a geopolitical level?

Two wings good- three wings better ‘ such the flight as much as to the height as the triumph of illusion/will goes concerning the ‘neoliberal CAFO’ of lockdown in process of being globalized, such the pump – and as much to dump of those deemed surplus, alas?

It only a question- but questions are vital to individuality as they reflect the diversity and substantiate the freedom Democracy represents?

While Corporatism at the level of the quintessential /sine qua non has a ‘line ‘never to be questioned – it is as to antonymy the essence of Democracy that there be as many lines as questions?

Seeing thru the fog of war is not easy – such the rationale of obfuscation and censorship alongside control and manipulation as the pragmatics of polarization goes masked?

For as to the proverbial perspicacity of Pynchon concerning propaganda and ‘paranoia ‘there are indeed ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ questions -much to the ‘little knowledge’ of Burroughs (William S.), such the paradigm?

The very framing of certain questions being a revolutionary act -much as orthodoxy demands ‘heresy’ concerning refusal to conform or unquestioningly accept the paradigm as authoritative?

Reference to the 17th C. figure Matthew Hopkins represents is apposite, such the ‘Nakba’ in process of unfolding Global as ideological and material concerning surplus population ; and as to the imperative of ‘Witchfinding’ paralleled now possessed of new surveillance technologies borne of Empiricism being rampant – and we are most of us ‘surplus requirements/useless eaters ‘ -as parallel to ‘witches’ apperceived hegemonic such the morph into ‘domestic terrorists’ as ‘basket of deplorables’ instanced now?

Such the rhymes of History as metastasis goes?

Kudos to Mark Twain.

– Say hello to Torquemada and his willing executioners such as once in the Trojan Horse as fear goes to abortive liberation of the cradle of Humanity such the Grand Inquisition of Globalization as regressive? (Consider ‘Feudalism’ and Bill Gates land ownership, -Feudalism was primarily land ownership based – sorry Bill nae fief here , but there an admiration of the ethos the Stranglers you philanthropic hero indeed as put mild such the pity)

The deadly pragmatics of the ‘unholy trinity’ which the concept of usury, hire and property (sense of Bakunin) represents being as articulated in:

I could hire one -half of the working class to destroy the other half

-which now being ‘played out’ as a denouement of a determinism as technological; being founded in the singular dimensionality of Empiricism as an abrogation of ‘potentiality’ apropos ‘Humanity ‘v. Technocracy’?

With ‘polarization’ comes ‘war ‘such the synonymy perpetual as to Twain’s concept of the rhymes of history?

Strike that.

Polarization is the war.

To ‘control the opposition it is necessary to be the opposition’; ‘you can have any color of black you want ‘as paraphrase may go of Lenin and Ford respectively.

These as summarise the pragmatic march algorithmic towards extinction as a global theft facilitated such the ‘Lockdown’ as economic polarization spawns political polarization sense of unipolar cultural hegemony and the refuse to disguise criminal?

Behind the fog the world is being stolen – and ‘we’ sense of Zamyatin, are being culled both ideologically and physically?


‘Others’ as authoritative know what is best for us; we must cease questioning and learn blind obedience as conformity to an ever narrowing line as orthodox being demanded?

I must, I must increase my trust‘ such the auto suggestion as Consumerism enshrines?

The highway of Eugenics leads to the ‘survival of the fittest’, as much as the divide et impera entails the CTD of Humanity whereby said fittest are no more than parasitical gangsters whom compelled under degeneracy to apperceive ‘surplus population’ – and to act ‘sense’ of utilitarian pragmatics accordant? (Think perversion of ‘felicific calculus ‘as the gini coefficient goes panopticonically perverse i.e. the greatest good for the smallest number?)

Dulce et Decorum est…- such the deadly ideological trenches dug for us by mere racketeering as expresses immorality under the guise of amorality form of ‘there is no alternative’?

Power political is a product of economic polarization as much as class a product of Empiricism such the determinism?

Of course small quarters write as an ‘alien’ sense of ‘alienation’, as much as classification an imperative as to the necrotophic ‘Nakba ‘ of cultural hegemony finds explication in the absurdity of the term ‘illegal alien’ as much as ‘domestic terrorist’ such the synonymy?

The new kid lexiconic on the executioners block but another stateless bastard such the loom as much to the warp and weave of illusion?

The utility of the illusion of ‘choice’ as bipartisan / two party orthodoxy goes ‘flies’ under the illusion of ‘wings’ and masks the unacceptable by way of abuse; it provides a disguise for no more than mere racketeering as facilitates a further transfer of resources from poor to rich – and permits of no hope as concerns other than corporatist representation as philanthropic being present such the utility of coining or etymology?

You can have this darkness or this darkness’…the same hidden agenda prevails as to the control and issue of ‘currency ‘as a form of usury which facilitates a further polarization as deadly now Geopolitical at the level of the con placed in panopticon?

What is worse the disease or the cure; how much must we sacrifice in order to be ‘safe ‘such the power of mind over mind rendered as finding re-iteration towards ecocidal termination, such the journey, such the passengership as enforced under orthodoxy? How much fear as ironic is demanded in order that we be permitted to live as opposed to subsist such the austerity?

Polarization is evident as demonstrable Empirical thru consideration of the Gini Coefficient; in essence the transfer of resources as quantified under Empirical methodology – as can easily be related to that greatest of questions ‘Cui Bono? (Beyond a certain coefficient premature mortality accelerates as the commensuration of Thanatos goes..)

Qua :how much have Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg et al made from the ‘Great Reset’ , and what does the fact such control and issue of currency say concerning the theft of the world evidencing an extrapolation necrotrophic in progress?

That we should look upon our fellow Man thru eyes forced open/a dark lens of death harbinged is a great tragedy, is it not?

Totalitarianism is a deadly prison quantifiable thru the concept of ‘dead man walking’?

Not so much death row but as death rows – and such multiplicity points towards distinction rendered meaningless, such the lockdown, such the new normal?​

This small article as may be mistaken dares to question the prevalence of illusion as concerns the ‘Grand Chessboard,’: what Orwell referred to as a tripartite Geopolitical dynamic between ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania’?

The point being that when they are all but gangster families/necrotrophs such the offer made as irrefusable concerning ‘territory as hood expanded’ there is ‘no difference’?

How far does the illusion permeate that we live in a multi polar Geopolitical world of diverse National Sovereignties – when the reality is that it increasingly being degenerated by way of subsistence under a unipolar phenomenon of mere racketeering in which the concept of ‘necrotrophy’ is a sine qua non concerning anything proximate of understanding as ‘getting head around’ concerning what going down polymorphous way of resource transfer as austere?

How far must the subsistence go homogeneous as the cultural hegemony equated with death of the surplus as a truly hellish austerity?

Kill me softly under illusion unquestioned‘ – so it goes the ragged trousered philanthropy of the victims​ as surplus as abused?

How many people have died as a result of ‘Lockdown’ as the birth pangs of a ‘New World Order’ –and why is there no focus on this?

Is there a drive towards the reduction of population?

Is this a ‘wrong question’, sense of Pynchon?

Yet the origins of ‘Geopolitics’ being a development upon control by a minority way of the mutation of national sovereignty; any ‘alliance ‘or ‘axis ‘being founded upon the co-operation of sovereign nations,; and as such Geopolitics are worthy of similar analysis by way of nepotism and illusion considered?

Power structures proceed as to the algorithms of modus operandum as much to Incoporation thus instanced; the premise of Globalization being ‘one world, one power structure ‘– as ‘advance ‘upon ‘Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer’ – is it therefore inconceivable that there be extrapolation upon the same modus operandum as would evidence itself​ in a universality of ‘Lockdown”; a common policy applied by a Global power structure – with attendant resource transfer implications exemplified such the ‘Cui Bono’?

Permit the control and issues of the currency of a nation and there a care not – as capable of being extrapolated upon as much as an oligarchic collective can incorporate?

What if the ‘new normal’ a formula of mere racketeering as much as ‘Technocracy’ a product of abrogation as to a determinism in which a ‘Trojan Horse ‘figures large?

The promise of technology founded upon Empiricism as a blind horse easily led demands moral contextualisation as much as the concepts of alienation and marginalization represent but a divide et impera?

The basis of Empiricism whether by induction or deduction remains an interpretation of the unique as a composite of the general – and this has political and phenomenological consequence?

To a hammer as of gangsterism euphemised as oligarchic collective, the world is but a nail?

The remark by Upton Sinclair that: ‘it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it’ is ontologically the thin end of the geopolitical wedge when whom determines the salary considered apropos of cultural hegemony?

Let’s give it up for UBI?

Much as we are taught, such the euphemism for indoctrination as the parasitology of mind goes sense of propaganda and alienation?

Apropos the latter concept of parasitology and given Bentham’s concept of ‘mind over mind’, Colin Wilson, as self confessed autodidact, wrote a most interesting work called ‘The Mind Parasites’ -as recent events Geopolitical throw into metaphorical relief?

Wilson’s work referenced was in the ‘science fiction’ genre where the parasites were extra terrestrial, from the moon no less – but it is certainly the case that the small minority of ‘man’ benefiting currently from incredible wealth transfer may as well live on the moon when it comes to relating to the mundane experience of the Demos; such the lockdown, such the alienation and marginalisation, such the care not, such the Cui Bono?

The world as ‘ Geopolitically Tripartite’ has clearly followed China/ Eastasia concerning this pandemic as WHO, as a corporatist entity alongside the WEF , BIS and IMF defined?

The lockdown methodology of social distance, imprisonment in one’s own ‘home’, mask wearing, compulsory tests, forced jab of experimental ‘vaccine’ originated in China – where did the virus itself if we are to believe?

President Xi, the man who censored Winnie the Pooh,( kid you not!) recently had a conversation with Klaus Schwab at the virtual DAVOS.

The ‘social credit system ‘ of China is a prototype of what being developed in the Western World apropos of digitalization and the philanthropic concept of ‘Universal Basic Income’, much as the apartheid of Israel such the ‘Oceania’ a prototype for the genocide as a ‘Nakba‘ at a Global level?

Note well the question mark – questions can be a sign of life sense of an absence the death of thought as Orwell defined ‘orthodoxy’?

You may well disagree with what said, but there should be the right to have it considered, as much as there should be the right to have individual thoughts – and not to be a ‘mere pattern in the heads of parasites’? (Latter a paraphrase from the film ‘WUSA’ based on ‘Hall of Mirrors’ by Robert Stone)

Following the evil prescient genius of Rothschild, the key to comprehending Geopolitics circa is the control and issue of currency at the level of International Finance? The flood of goods manufactured in China into the Global Economy is interpreted here as an advocacy, an approval; the Chinese Currency (The Yuan) is pegged to the dollar and is therefore ‘colonially subjugated’ sense of Rothschild? A most interesting well researched article concerning the illusion of geopolitical diversity can be read here it’s worth a read to learn of Sidney Rittenberg alone?

Always, always follow the money and the consequences of the care not in context of criminal forensics, such the ‘Cui Bono’?

The destruction /nipping of the Eurasian bud which the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya represented as goes to the valediction of ‘We came, we saw, he died‘ to but a cackle of yet another tragic ideological whore rivalling the queen mother of global austerity was undoubtedly momentous as concerns the goose step of illusion Geopolitikal as algorithmic, Gaddafi had aspirations as to a gold backed African Dinar -as well as having the cajones/baws to stand up to the United Nations (try and find the video such the memory hole) .

In an earlier small article as unpublished the commonality of currency control and issue was interpreted geopolitical ;sense of ‘Oceania’ there no difference when it comes to the Euro, the Dollar and the Pound as they are all part of the same control system as abusive of belief; they all subject to the same ‘quantititative ease ‘as susceptibility goes to usury and the transfer of resources facilitated which Keynes acknowledged not one man in a million able to understand?

Such the austerity indeed as the real gangster nature of the moneylenders coming home as Globalized to roost, unipolar as transnational alas such the ‘Great Reset/New Normal’?

To gain anything remotely proximate of Geopolitical understanding in the early 21st C. it is requisite to look at the response to Covid-19 sense of orthodoxy and the unipolarity of a deep state, such the global disease as demands a global solution​​?

The case here being that if there were genuine geopolitical diversity there would be differences of approach to the ‘solution’ permitted. Instead we have a unified Corporatism co-ordinating unified response, with no questions permitted under a ‘R2P’?

To question so is to supplicate at the altar of disbelief; it is to fail to revere ‘Life’ as by way of putting others at risk such the mask of global medical authority as covers Empirical the fearful face of a single global political authority as an oligarchic collective?

A small confession here; if one can question God as these small quarters often do, alas, even as to atheism contemplated, then surely one can question far ,far lesser entities such as mere Corporations Transnational as Global?

It is but accordant a radical exercise of individuality contemporaneous to question the existence of parallels at a geopolitical level between the concepts of ‘anti semitism’ and ‘co vid denial’ ?

Again this is not an assertion, it is a question, albeit as Pynchon differentiated.

One of the saddest acknowledgements which this global lockdown enforces is a sense of impotence under the onslaught of illusion?

There is great relief facilitated from waking up from a nightmare and realising ‘it was only a dream’. The obverse of this is a prisoner whom has dreamt of freedom and wakes up as re acquaints with the reality of imprisonment?

For we are all prisoners of illusion now alas, much as we believe the Emperor has new clothes?

Or as Orwell put it such the prescience:

‘In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’?

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