Headlines for February 24, 2021

Ex-U.S. Capitol Security Say Intelligence Failures Led to Jan. 6 Attack Even as FBI Warned of “War”, Senate Confirms Thomas-Greenfield, Vilsack as GOP Go After Haaland in Interior Confirmation, House to Vote Friday on $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill as Fate of $15/Hour Minimum Wage Remains Uncertain, U.S. Blocks Waiver on Vaccine Intellectual Property Protections, Lebanese Lawmakers Accused of Vaccine Line Cutting; Rabbis Call on Israel to Vaccinate Palestinians, No Charges Filed Against Rochester Police Officers Who Killed Daniel Prude, Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Files Lawsuit Against Her Son’s Killers on Anniversary of His Death, Family Files Lawsuit over Police Killing of Filipino American Angelo Quinto in California, Indian Court Grants Bail to Indian Climate Activist Who Shared Info on Supporting Farmer Protests, Mohamed Bazoum Declared Winner of Niger’s Presidential Election, Man Pleads Guilty to 2017 Murder of Maltese Reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia, Algerians Take to Streets 2 Years After Start of Historic Protests That Led to President’s Resignation, Democratic Senators Propose Sanctions for Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, Biden Admin Reopens Trump-Era Texas Detention Facility for Migrant Teens, TX Electric Company Griddy Hit with $1 Billion Price Gouging Lawsuit; 5 ERCOT Board Members Resign, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Legendary Poet & Co-founder of San Francisco’s City Lights Books, Dies at 101

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