Headlines for January 25, 2021

U.S. Tops 25 Million COVID-19 Cases as Biden Restricts Travel to U.S., Warns “Things Will Get Worse”, Deborah Birx Says Trump WH Had “Parallel” COVID Data as Biden Admin Faces Multiple Vaccine Challenges, Pandemic Takes Heavy Toll on Children and Students’ Physical and Mental Health, Bernie Sanders Says Senate Dems Could Use Reconciliation to Pass Pandemic Relief, Senate Moves Forward on Cabinet Confirmations as Biden Revokes More Trump Orders, Senate Will Start Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial in 2nd Week of February, National Guard Deployment at U.S. Capitol Becomes COVID-19 Superspreader Event, Biden Administration Orders Probe of Domestic Violent Extremism After January 6 Insurrection, COVAX to Begin Vaccine Delivery in Feb.; South Africa Paying 2.5x EU Prices for AstraZeneca Vaccine, AMLO Tests Positive for COVID; Brazilians Demand Bolsonaro’s Impeachment; NZ Reports 1st Case in Months, Russia Violently Cracks Down on Protesters Calling for Release of Alexei Navalny, Protesters in Tunisia Call for End to Corruption, Police Repression, Cyclone Eloise Leaves Path of Devastation in Mozambique, Grand Jurors Call for Impeachment of KY AG Daniel Cameron over Mishandling of Breonna Taylor Case, Trump Plotted to Oust Acting AG, Use DOJ to Force Georgia to Overturn Election Results, Indigenous Leaders and Allies Demand Halt to Construction of U.S. Border Wall, Hunts Point Market Workers in the Bronx Win Wage Increase After Week-Long Strike, Chicago Teachers Union Rejects Return to In-Person Classes, Citing Coronavirus Risks, Veteran Talk Show Host Larry King Dies After Hospitalization for COVID-19, Hank Aaron, Who Overcame Racist Barriers to Become Home Run Record-Holder, Dies at 86

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