Headlines for February 4, 2021

CDC Director Warns Coronavirus Variants Could Reverse Drop in Caseload, Education Secretary Nominee Favors Return to In-Person Classes, Supports Trans Athletes, Senate Agrees to Power-Sharing Deal That Leaves Democrats in Control of Committees, Republican Leader Won’t Punish Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over Racist and Violent Rhetoric, 100s of Congressional Aides Call on Senate to Convict Trump and Bar Him from Holding Office, Canada Designates Proud Boys as a Terrorist Group, Prosecutors Seek Rearrest of Kyle Rittenhouse, Wisconsin Teen Charged with Killing 2 Protesters, Tigray Opposition Say 52,000+ Killed in Conflict as U.N. Warns All of Ethiopia Faces Unrest, BBC Report Details Mass Rape and Torture of Uyghur Women in China’s Xinjiang, ICC Finds Former LRA Commander and Child Soldier Guilty of War Crimes, U.N. Report Describes Widespread Torture of Prisoners in Afghanistan, French Court Finds Government Failed to Take Action to Combat Climate Crisis, U.S. and Russia Extend New START Nuclear Arms Treaty, Biden Administration Rules Out Talks with Venezuelan President Maduro, Ex-Officer Adam Coy Charged with Murdering Andre Hill in Columbus, OH, Report Details How Border Patrol Contributes to Humanitarian Crisis at Southwestern Border

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